Steve's Models

Starting with the ECO-8 Electric heli (some planks to come).
For the moment - just some pictures:

The latest look - can you guess what it's made from? Also shows my CF tailboom purchased from a UK general purpose CF manufacturer.

Yes, two 1L milk cartons and a curved part from a 2L coke bottle.

How I adjust pitch - cost zero pounds. The board is held by guide pins and a rubber band - look past the board's edges to see the angle against the flybar.

When adjusting pitch the flybar is kept horizontal with another flybar and a big block connector

One of my projects - a CCPM mixer (120 or 90 degree) suitable for any 4+ channel radio. It works OK, although you do need to set up offsets and travels mechanically. It does support servo reversing and has a built-in selectable throttle curve.

Side View

New frame brace - makes the dome plate more rigid

New 2mm carbon fibre rod gives better tail rotor control

Other end of rod

New project - a heading-hold adapter for a standard piezo-gyro. Initial tests show promise.

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