winmail.dat and WMDecode
What they are and what to do with them


Installing WMDecode

Step 1 – Your mail contains ‘winmail.dat’

Step 2 – Drag ‘winmail.dat’ onto the desktop

Step 3 – Drag ‘winmail.dat’ onto the WMDecode decoder

Step 4 – Look at the results of WMDecode

Step 5 – Done! Use the attachment(s)

No attachments found by WMDecode?

More Information
Why winmail.dat?

More Information
Special commands for WMDecode

More Information
But I have an Apple Macintosh!

I have Outlook Express and my winmail.dat files are missing!

Outlook Express invisible winmail.dat
Step 1 – Find the missing data

Outlook Express invisible winmail.dat
Step 2 – Find the missing data

More Notes: