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Sheet File Corner

The following spreadsheet files are for the EPOC32 Sheet program. They provide a variety of useful and not-so-useful functions. Feel free to download, modify and use as you wish. If you modify and upload them elsewhere then please acknowledge biblet.

After download, copy without conversion to your palmtop.


List of decimal and hexadecimal codes and their ASCII characters.

EPOC SheetMoon Phase.s5

Shows the age of the moon in days (with two different calculations). Enter the date of the new moon periodically to keep it accurate.

EPOC SheetNum2Word.s5

A computation 'module' which can turn a number into an english representation with currency words. e.g. 45.12 is converted into 'Forty Five Pounds And Twelve Pence'. You can edit the words and currency names.

EPOC SheetPhysCons.s5

A list of physical constants with their symbols and units.

EPOC SheetRoman.s5

Roman number conversion - both to and from Roman numbers. e.g. 1965=MCMLXV

EPOC SheetUnitConv.s5

Unit conversion spreadsheet. Converts length, weight, volume, area and temperature. Enter your value under the right unit in the Input column and read off the converted values in the Result column.

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